RallyProtocol is an all-in-one web3 mobile toolkit that enables developers to create end-to-end onchain experiences for native mobile apps. RallyProtocol is comprised of two key components:

RallyMobile SDK

Embedded wallet management layer. RallyMobile provides developers with the tools to:

  1. Create instant embedded wallets on demand for end users.

  2. Enable cloud backup for easy recovery.

  3. Import and export wallets.


The transaction layer that enables gasless transactions. RallyTransact provides developers the infrastructure to:

  1. Provide end-users with gas-free onchain transactions.

  2. Enable end-users to transfer tokens, claim NFTs, and even deploy smart contracts from within mobile apps gaslessly


RallyProtocol serves as a bridge between the intricate world of onchain technology and the familiar realm of UX in native mobile apps. It is designed to empower developers to seamlessly blend in-app experiences with onchain features, reducing web3 friction and enabling them to focus on what they do best—creating delightful mobile apps.

Supported mobile platforms

  • Android version 23 and above

  • iOS all versions

Supported blockchains

  • RallyMobile SDK

    • All EVM chains

  • RallyTransact

    • Polygon

    • More blockchains coming soon

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