Gasless transactions are facilitated by the RallyTransact, functioning as the fully hosted transactions infrastruture for signing, validating, and relaying transactions to the blockchain.

RallyTransact removes the requirement for developers to manage nodes, bundlers, and deploy contracts. Additionally, RallyTransact takes care of funding balances for gasless transactions, monitors transactions, and provides enhanced secops.

With RallyTransact, you can:

  1. Enable end-users to transfer tokens, claim NFTs, and even deploy smart contracts from within mobile apps gaslessly.

  2. Use outside native-mobile environments - developers can send transactions from their backend, web dapp, desktop, etc and get all the benefits listed above.

Get an API key for gasless transactions

An API key is required to use RallyTransact's infrastructure to power gasless transactions. Visit https://app.rallyprotocol.com/ to generate both Amoy and Mainnet Polygon API keys.

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