RallyMobile is a permissionless and open-source SDK that facilitates the creation and management of embedded wallets within a mobile app.

RallyMobile features:

  1. Instant embedded wallet creation.

  2. Secure on-device storage.

  3. Cloud backup and recovery.

  4. Import and export mnemonic.

  5. Developer-friendly APIs for signing both traditional user transactions and gasless transactions on a mobile device, for use with RallyTransact.

With RallyMobile, you can:

  1. Create embedded wallets for end-users anywhere in the user journey - at first app launch or when they're ready to claim their first NFT.

  2. Create embedded wallets for end-users under the hood, so they don't sign up or switch apps.

  3. Enable cross-device wallet access when using the same cloud account.

  4. Allow importing and exporting of wallets.

Embedded smart accounts [coming soon]

  1. Dev friendly API to deploy and manage on-chain Smart Accounts wallets, utilizing the EOA generated by the RallyMobile SDK.

  2. Developer friendly API to sign gasless transactions on a mobile device to utilize gasless transactions powered by RallyTransact.

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