Rally Protocol
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What is Rally Protocol?

Rally Protocol is an open-source software solution that aims to simplify blockchain integration for developers and abstract away the complexities of blockchain from users. Rally Protocol makes it easy to:
  • Build mobile apps on the blockchain or integrate blockchain to an existing mobile app
  • Abstract away blockchain from users while providing them the underlying benefits and security of the technology
  • Retake control of your app experience without relying on third party custody providers or exchanges

How to Use Rally Protocol

Our arsenal of developer-friendly tools is constantly evolving, but our core value proposition centers on four distinct offerings:
  • Mobile SDK: Our mobile SDK makes every mobile developer a blockchain developer. Use the SDK to make the blockchain invisible to users while offering them full custody of their wallet. These wallets are generated under the hood at the application level and are stored and secured natively on users' mobile devices.
  • Transaction infrastructure: Abstract away gas fees from both users and developers. Rally Protocol maintains a hosted transaction infrastructure where developers can sponsor gas fees, ensuring that initiating a transaction never requires your users to pay for gas.
  • Token-bonding curve: Empowers developers to design and implement token economies tailored to their specific needs (Coming soon to Polygon).
  • Rally token: Token that powers consumer applications built on the RLY Network.

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