Rally Protocol
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Developer challenges

In the current mobile blockchain landscape, requiring a crypto account for users means that you have to integrate a third-party wallet custody solution or rely on end-users to create and manage one themselves. Relying on external parties to onboard your users for you creates barriers to offering a seamless UX.

Create crypto accounts with the Rally Mobile SDK

The Rally Mobile SDK provides the tools to regain control over how you onboard your users. Using the SDK, create crypto accounts under the hood so that users are blockchain ready without the added complexity.

Developer benefits

  • Less development: No need to integrate with a third party wallet solution and pay per wallet.
  • Feeless: Creating crypto accounts (EOAs) are feeless.
  • User-custodied: User funds are owned by the user. Developers can take advantage of smart contracts so that they never have custody of user funds.
  • Frictionless onboarding: Improve your funnel conversion by removing blockchain friction points. Users can start using your app right away, without the need to sign up, create, or even to connect an external crypto account.
  • Blockchain ready: Users are ready to initiate their first on-chain transaction without ever being exposed to private keys or seed phrases.
  • Flexible crypto onboarding: Developers can gradually educate their users about cryptocurrency and appropriately provide users access to their private key.
  • Open-source

User benefits

  • Native mobile UX: Users can experience a familiar mobile experience without ever being exposed to blockchain.
  • Privacy: Users do not have to provide personal identifiable information (socials, email, phone) to a third party to create a crypto account.
  • User self-custody: Users retain ownership of their private keys, which are securely on their device using hardware encryption and low level OS key storage technology. Users can realize their crypto account and import or transfer their funds once they are ready.
  • Blockchain agnostic: Users don't need to realize blockchain technology in order to benefit from it.
  • Recovery: iCloud and Google cloud recovery are available if enabled by the developer.
  • Cross device support: Users can utilize the same crypto account across multiple devices if iCloud and Google cloud recovery is enabled.