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Rally Mobile SDK

The Rally Mobile SDK is a key component of the Rally Protocol that allows developers to retake control of the user experience by eliminating the reliance for end-users to complete complex blockchain operations through third party apps. By utilizing the SDK, developers gain access to the necessary tools that enable them to create familiar and native mobile UX while leveraging the benefits of blockchain technology.

What problems are the SDK solving?

Blockchain isn't synonymous with seamless user experiences. As a result, developers have been integrating with third party apps that aim to simplify the entry point to web3. Unfortunately this comes with a few challenges:
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    Developers must cede control over the user experience to third parties. Despite efforts to improve their app's user experience, users are ultimately forced to interact with external apps that developers have no control over.
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    Developers must rely on end-users to complete blockchain operations. A common challenge is the requirement for users to buy native tokens to cover gas fees. Users are expected to create an account on an external platform, complete KYC verification, and then pay for both network and processing fees before they can transact within your app. These experiences can be disruptive for consumers and can cause them to bounce from the app.
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    Current third party solutions result in anti patterns that are misaligned with blockchain's principles. Some examples include requiring users to provide personally identifiable information (PII) when creating crypto accounts or buying crypto, third parties holding custody of user crypto accounts and funds, and using a single wallet for interacting with multiple web3 apps.

How does the SDK solve these problems?

The Rally Mobile SDK provides features and services that aim to end the dependence on integrating with external web3 apps. By using the SDK, developers have access to the following tools that give them the power to fully own and operate the user experience by abstracting away blockchain:
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    Create crypto accounts under the hood. Crypto accounts can be created on behalf of users at any point of the user journey without leaving the app's UX. Keys are stored on the user's device and secured by low level OS key storage technology. By using this feature, developers have full control over how and when users create and interact with their crypto account without requiring a third party solution.
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    Utilize gasless transactions. Gas fees can be sponsored on behalf of users. By utilizing this feature, the concept of paying for transactions is abstracted away from users, eliminating the need for them to leave your app experience in order to acquire native tokens to pay for gas.

Why Rally Mobile SDK is important

The SDK is a significant step towards achieving mass adoption of blockchain. By providing the tools to retake control of the user experience, developers can create familiar and seamless mobile experiences that attract consumers to engage with web3 apps. This presents an excellent opportunity for users to discover the benefits of a technology they may not have encountered before. By establishing a framework that focuses on delivering meaningful value first, we can pave the way for broader adoption of blockchain technology.