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Developer challenges

Choosing a token to power your web3 application is an important decision, whether it's a stablecoin, a native token, or your own token. The next challenge is how those token enter a user's crypto account. Here are three common solutions:
  1. 1.
    Integrate a fiat on-ramp solution so that users can purchase the token that powers your app
  2. 2.
    Rely on end-users to acquire the token powering the app from a DEX or CEX
  3. 3.
    Use your UA funds and send the tokens that power your app from a developer account to your users' accounts
Solutions 1 and 2 return back to the notion of the developer losing control over providing a great UX by relying on another party to source tokens.
Solution 3 returns the control back to the you but comes with a lot of overhead: managing tokens, securing developer crypto accounts, book keeping, and more.

Power your app with RLY token

Powering your web3 application with RLY token simplifies launching and tokenizing your web3 application. It provides developers with exclusive benefits such as access to the RLY token faucet to prefund user crypto accounts in order to enable immediate user driven on-chain transactions.
RLY on Polygon: 0x76b8D57e5ac6afAc5D415a054453d1DD2c3C0094
For more information on how to power your app with RLY, contact us at [email protected].