Add ERC2771Recipient


Contracts that are ERC2771 compatible are natively supported by the RallyMobile SDK to perform gasless transactions. Contracts that are not ERC2771 compatible, but are whitelisted by us, can also perform gasless transactions

If you are able to update the contract:

  1. Add ERC2771Recipient to your token contract to make it compatible with our SDK.

  2. Set the trusted forwarder:

    1. Amoy: 0x0ae8FC9867CB4a124d7114B8bd15C4c78C4D40E5

    2. Mainnet: 0xB2b5841DBeF766d4b521221732F9B618fCf34A87

For ERC721 contracts, follow Opensea's guide to enable meta transactions for your NFTs.

If you are unable to update the contract:

Contact us on Discord with the contract address and gasless transaction method (permit or executeMetaTransaction) to have it reviewed and whitelisted by our team.

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